WWE star Dash Wilder and AEW star Joey Janela are both at UFC 244 but the two are too busy going back and forth on social media. The exchange went as far as Wilder bringing up a real-life fight between Joey Janela and former WWE star Enzo Amore.

Last summer, Enzo and Joey Janela were involved in a fight outside of a Blink-182 concert.

The Twitter exchange started after Joey Janela tweeted a photo from the event and someone replied to the photo, "Find @DashWilderWWE and shoot an angle!"

Janela replied, "Is he the bald one or the one with hair? I'll say hello if I see him." Dash Wilder noticed and responded, "Please don't." Janela replied back, "The claw is on me pal!"

Another Twitter user chimed in and said, "Dash is the one with the nice booty." Joey Janela replied, "Cool, I'll look for the booty with the tennis racket imprints on it, thanks!"

After that comment, Dash Wilder went on to make fun of the fight incident. He tweeted, "I'll look for the face that's running away with Enzo's hand imprint on it." Later on, he wrote, "I'm the one with racket imprints on my ass, anyways. Get it right."

Joey Janela did end up responding back, he told him that he wished that he was still stuck in Saudi Arabia for another three days. His full tweet, "I offer you a claw as a bridge of peace and you Unfortunately acted very rude, Shame that you guys weren't stuck in Saudi for another 3 days...."

Below are their exchange: