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The show begins with Ross Von Erich and Tom Lawlor helping Marshall Von Erich, who was attacked by a masked person backstage. Marshall is gripping his knee and informs Ross and Lawlor that the masked person hit him with a pipe.

After the show credits are shown, the first match of the night is announced!

Mance Warner vs. Jimmy Havoc (In A Falls Count Anywhere In Orlando)

As Havoc is making his way towards the ring, Warner sneaks up from behind and attacks him. Fans start moving out of the way. Havoc throws numerous chairs towards Warner's face. Warner counters by throwing a beer can at Havoc. Havoc throws a chair into the ring. Warner grabs several chairs and a board from underneath the ring. Havoc lands an eye poke on Warner. Warner unbags some thumbtacks. Havoc leaves the ring and walks towards the exit sign that leads to the parking lot. Havoc is running towards a car and yanks the driver out. Havoc drives away in the stolen vehicle. Warner stops a car and asks the driver to follow Havoc's car. He and the referee jump in and follow Havoc.

Their match will continue throughout the episode.

Afterward, Richard Holliday and Alex Hammerstone are soaking it up in the sun, discussing Thanksgiving. Hammerstone says that he has a surprise for Holliday and that he'll reveal it on MLW's Thanksgiving Special this Thursday.

Now, the MLW women's division premieres with a singles match.

Zeda Zhang vs. The Spider Lady

Zhang puts her hand out and Spider Lady kicks her hand away. After, Spider Lady sends Zhang into the corner and lays out several strikes. Zhang counters with strikes of her own. Spider Lady kicks Zhang right in the midsection. Spider Lady goes for the cover and Zhang kicks out at 2. Spider Lady bends Zhang's injured leg into a submission. Zhang breaks out of it. The referee checks in on Zhang to make sure she can still compete. Spider Lady uses the mandible claw and continues choking Zhang even after the referee tries to get her off Zhang. The referee calls for the match to end since Spider Lady refuses to stop choking Zhang.

Winner By Disqualification: Zeda Zhang

Post-Match: The Spider Lady reveals herself. It's Priscilla Kelly! She comes back with another mandible claw on Zhang. A referee pushes her back and she attacks him.

Back to the Warner/Havoc match, Warner follows Havoc to his apartment. Havoc attacks Warner with a baking sheet. Warner pushes Havoc on to his couch and strikes him. Next, they take their fight into the bathroom. Warner puts Havoc's head in the toilet. They make their way back into the living room. Havoc grabs a frying pan and smacks Warner across the face and back with it. Havoc runs out of his apartment and gets back in his car and leaves. Warner follows after him.

After the break, an update on Marshall Von Erich is discussed. It appears the attacker used a police baton. Marshall is not cleared to compete against Jacob Fatu for the MLW World Heavyweight Championship on MLW's Thanksgiving Special this Thursday. With that being said, Marshall nominated his brother Ross to go up against Fatu for the championship.

Backstage: Kelly is sitting on the stairs explaining why she did what she did to Zhang. She says that the MLW women's division is lacking women like her, who make people question their sanity. Her goal in MLW is to question the women's roster and their sanity.

And now, Alex Hammerstone puts his title on the line!

Alex Hammerstone (c) vs. Douglas James for the MLW National Openweight Championship

James goes right away for a rollup pin. Hammerstone kicks out. James lands a dropkick, followed by several strikes. James' superkick is caught and reversed with an ace crush from Hammerstone. Hammerstone catches James and tosses him over his head. Hammerstone vertical suplexes James. Hammerstone goes for the cover and James kicks out at 2. James gets back up and lands numerous leg strikes. Hammerstone attempts to put James in a bear hug. James fights out of it with several elbow strikes. James sends Hammerstone flying off the second rope with a suplex. James covers Hammerstone, and he kicks out at 2. James, who's up on his feet, superkicks Hammerstone, and then follows it up with a running knee. James goes for the cover again, and Hammerstone kicks out at 2. Hammerstone ends the match with a nightmare pendulum. He goes for the final cover and retains the title.

Winner and Still MLW Openweight Champion: Alex Hammerstone

Warner's driver follows Havoc to Full Sail University. Warner asks the driver if they film anything at this location. Their match continues after a few announcements.

Before going back to the Warner/Havoc match, the press is asking Lawlor about him re-signing with MLW and what's next for him. He says what matters right now is that he's staying, and his matches will continue to be great.

Back to the Warner/Havoc match. They are battling it out in the parking lot of Full Sail University. Warner's driver throws Moonshine into Havoc's face. Havoc bites Warner's nose. Warner sends Havoc into his car and tells the driver to drive them back to the arena.

Both men make their way back to the arena/ring after a quick break. Warner staples a few dollar bills on Havoc's face. Warner sets up a chair in between the top and middle rope. Havoc reverses and sends Warner into the chair. Havoc sets up the board and throws Warner into it. After, he slams Warner into the pile of thumbtacks that Warner set up earlier. Havoc finds a fork and stabs Warner in the forehead with it a few times. Havoc attempts the Acid Rainmaker. Warner reverses it into a rollup pin. The referee counts the cover and Warner wins the match.

Winner: Mance Warner

Post-Match: Havoc continues stabbing Warner with a fork.

Concluding the Show: The CONTRA Unit logo pops up. Josef Samael informs the Von Erichs that he warned them that chaos was going to follow them and on Thursday, more will come.