Welcome to Wrestling INC's recap of Major League Wrestling's weekly episodic Fusion. Tonight's show takes place from the GILT nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Feel free sound off thoughts in the comments. Enjoy the show!

Contra Unit opens the show with a promo interrupting a Thanksgiving vignette. Josef Samael says that this holiday is built on false traditions and idols, like the Von Erichs. He promises that Jacob Fatu is going to decimate Ross in tonight's title matchup. Fatu jumps in. "HAIL CONTRA."

Fusion intro.

Rich Bocchini and AJ Kirsch welcome us to a Thanksgiving Special edition of Fusion. They recap Marshall Von Erich being injured on last week's episode, and say that his brother Ross will be taking his place.

Injustice makes their way to the ring for our opening bout. Jordan Oliver wishes Kotto Brazil and Myron Reed a Happy Thanksgiving. Brazil calls the holiday a racist tradition. They'll be facing Gringo Loco and Zenshi. This will be an elimination match. Oliver and Brazil will be competing for their team.

Injustice versus Gringo Loco/Zenshi Elimination Match

Prior to the match beginning the referee tosses Myron Reed from ringside. Zenshi nails Oliver, then dumps a charging Brazil over the ropes. Double-spinebuster by Loco and Zenshi onto Oliver. More tandem offense. Loco climbs for a split-legged moonsault. Cover...only a one count. Oliver slides to the outside to recover with Brazil. Zenshi fakes a suicide dive...Loco comes out of nowhere with a tope con hilo taking out Injustice! Back in the ring...Loco powrslams Oliver. He follows up with a back-flip moonsault. Irish-whip...Brazil hits Loco from the apron. He tags in...lungblower takes Loco down. Brazil traps Loco in a rear chinlock...Loco escapes and connects with a few strikes, but Brazil grounds him with a combination. Zenshi finally gets the hot tag. He shows off his insane athleticism with a whisper in the wind, double pele kick, and a standing shooting star press in succession. Middle rope 450...Loco back in....swanton from the top. Somehow Brazil kicks out on the pin attempt. Zenshi climbs to the corner...coast to coast dropkick. Brazil responds with a running sliced bread. Cover...Zenshi is gone.

Zenshi has been eliminated

Outnumbered...Loco immediately surprises Brazil from behind with a twisting tombstone. Cover...Brazil is out.

Kotto Brazil has been eliminated

Just Oliver and Loco left. Michinoku driver by Loco for a nearfall. He picks Oliver up for another but Oliver slides out. Myron Reed comes out and punches Loco from the apron while the referees back is turned. Oliver takes advantage and hits a middle-rope cutter. It's over.

Injustice wins by pinfall

Highlights of Kerry Von Erich battling Ric Flair for world championship gold. Commentary asks if Ross Von Erich can dethrone the monster Jacob Fatu.

King Mo hypes his debut against Ricky Martinez later tonight. He says that King Ricky says he's going to turn Martinez into an ugly duckling when they step in the ring later tonight.

Backstage Kaci Lennox is looking for Priscilla Kelly. Kelly comes from behind and attacks Lennox, punching her down and applying the mandible claw! She whips the camera man into the loading dock door as the feed cuts out.

A video clip of King Mo's success in Bellator. Mo narrates, saying that he plans on wrecking shop in MLW. "I can do it all. I want it all. I want all the gold."

Back to the arena...Ricky Martinez makes his way to the ring. (First time we've seen Martinez in a while.) King Mo is out next. Fans give him a nice ovation for his in-ring debut. He incites a "Mo" chant.

King Mo versus Ricky Martinez

Martinez talks some trash before they tie up. He surprises Mo with a spin kick, big chop, and jumping neckbreaker. Mo bounces off the ropes...he takes Martinez down and goes for a leg-submission. Martinez immediately gets to the ropes to break the hold. He rings Mo's neck off the ropes and climbs...Mo spears him out of the air! Corner splash. He picks Martinez up...gut-wrench powerbomb. Mo transitions into the leg-lock. Martinez taps!

King Mo wins by submission

Flashback to last week when Mance Warner chased Jimmy Havoc all around Florida, including outside Full Sail University. Warner would roll Havoc up for a victory, but Havoc attacked Warner to continue the feud.

Promo from Warner. He says there are some people you just don't want to mess with. "Ole Mancer don't have matches baby...I fight. But see...something else about Ole Mancer...I don't forgive nobody. That's what you did Jimmy Havoc. You pissed off Ole Mancer. You do something to Ole Mancer...I do something back. An eye for an eye baby."

A look at Jacob Fatu's reign as MLW heavyweight champion.

Commentary tells us that Salina de la Renta will be returning next week. This will be her first appearance since Saturday Night SuperFight.

Dynasty's Richard Holliday and Alexander Hammerstone are face-timing with MJF. MJF says that he enjoyed their Thanksgiving dinner. Holliday wishes he could have been there in person. Hammerstone introduces Grogan...a giant man who Hammerstone calls Dynasty's newest member/monster. Hammerstone says he's entered Grogan into the battle royal.

Elsewhere, Ross Von Erich and Tom Lawlor are chatting. Lawlor is excited for Ross' title matchup, and says that he will be there in his corner. Lawlor says that everyone wants the gold, and tonight, Ross can get it.

Main event time. Ross Von Erich makes his way out first. Tom Lawlor accompanies him to the ring. The champ, Jacob Fatu is out second, along with Contra member Josef Samael. Here we go.

Jacob Fatu versus Ross Von Erich for the MLW Heavyweight championship

Tie-up. Fatu forces Ross to a corner but lets him out. Second tie-up...Fatu flings Ross around the ring with ease. Pace picks up...Ross connects with a dropkick. He bounces off the ropes and runs right into a huge right hand by Fatu. Big headbutt. Fatu has his way with Ross all over the arena. He even bites Ross' hand as he tries to come back into the ring. Samael rubs his boot off of Ross' face while the referee's back is turned. Ross breaks free of Fatu's grasp to hit an elbow but Fatu drops him with one of his own. Nerve hold-submission applied. He picks Ross up...sit-out powerbomb. Cover...only two. Fatu goes for a crossbody...so does Ross...they knock each other out. Ross building up momentum. Another dropkick rocks Fatu...sling-blade from Ross. A second. He climbs to the top...missile dropkick sends Fatu to ringside. Ross off the ropes...suicide dive! Fatu is first to his feet. He tells the fans to clear out, then smashes Ross off the chairs nearby. He goes to chop Ross...Ross ducks and Fatu hits the ringpost. Back in the ring...a hip check by Fatu sends Ross into the referee. Suplex by Fatu. He gets angry and assaults the referee. Pop-up samoan drop, followed by his handspring moonsault. Ross answers with a top rope crossbody. Samael comes into the ring with a steel chair...Ross takes him out. Lawlor comes in now with the chair...he hits Ross! Crowd can't believe it! Lawlor mouths f**k the Von Erichs. Fatu takes advantage with his moonsault. It's over.

Jacob Fatu wins by pinfall to retain the MLW Heavyweight championship

Commentary can't believe that Tom Lawlor betrayed the Von Erichs. Fatu celebrates with Samael.

That's the show friends. Happy Thanksgiving.