From almost the beginning, All Elite Wrestling has made it well known that wins and losses will matter heavily in the company. When wrestlers head to the ring, the graphic that displays their name also includes their record (in singles competition and overall).

On Twitter, a fan asked AEW EVP Nick Jackson how AEW will handle things down the road to avoid booking problems in regards to wrestlers' records, "Do you have a way of booking around the possible problems down the road that you may encounter with the win-loss record?"

Jackson retweeted the question and confirmed, "It'll reset. ... Looking like January."

Rather than wins-losses just going on and on, it sounds like AEW will have something of a "season" where wrestlers will get an opportunity for a start fresh.

Last Friday, AEW posted its official Top 5 Rankings (one for the men's division, one for the women's division, and one for the tag division). On last week's media call, AEW EVP Cody Rhodes confirmed the rankings will be released each week.