"The Big Guy" Ryback and Wrestling Inc. President, Raj Giri, joined forces yet again on Ryback TV to talk about all of the current events happening in today's world of professional wrestling. Ryback took some time to speak about the recent comments CM Punk made that insinuate his return to pro wrestling may indeed happen, but possibly in a backstage role.

Ryback thinks the door to return to WWE will be wide open for Punk, especially after stars like Bret Hart and Ultimate Warrior made their returns after controversial exits from WWE.

"I think I saw Triple H had an interview when he was making the rounds with Tyson Fury on The MMA Show with Ariel Helwani. He said that, 'The past is the past and never say never', and I've said that. And that is why I say that you can go out and speak your truth because you have seen some of the guys that have come back. The Ultimate Warrior has come back multiple times and I think that was the extreme end. Bret Hart has physically assaulted Vince McMahon, I've just said f--k you, so CM Punk's situation is like a hug compared to Bret Hart. He has come back multiple times."

Ryback believes that Punk's affinity for pro wrestling will someday bring him back to competing inside the squared circle. If he misses it as much as Ryback has, Punk will come back completely obsessed with the business.

"I love Bret. He stays true to himself in what he believes in whether we agree with him or not. He will go and do stuff for [WWE] and then make jabs at Triple H and then he's right back, so I think people that think that way, living in the fear mindset, they just don't understand," Ryback said. "You can go back, and I am sure [Punk] misses pro wrestling. And I can tell you from my personal experience with my injuries and how I am distancing myself from it, while I am doing everything and getting myself back in shape, I want to get back in the ring to see what I can do. But I also do know that once I am put back into that environment again, I know how my brain works. It's going to be obsession about it, so I have to be very careful. CM Punk has gotten back in the ring and once you get that back around you, it's really easy to fall back in love with it. There are things that you do love about it."

Ryback is uncertain if either a producer or agent role will be the right fit for someone with as much passion for professional wrestling as Punk has. "The Big Guy" sees Punk back competing inside the ring and taking on a dastardly heel persona capable of getting under the skin of the WWE Universe.

"I think Punk has a lot to offer pro wrestling if he wants; whether that means in a producer role, it's tough. If you're asking me from a creative standpoint with Punk, as great as it would be to bring him back as a babyface, with the MMA stuff, I think bringing him back as a heel and bringing him in with a heater is the best way to bring him back initially. You can bring him back in a babyface role initially to get that pop, but eventually having him turn quickly with an on-air presence as kind of that cowardly-heel - I think that gets under people's skin and can draw money.

"With what happened with the MMA thing, I think Punk is a better heel," Ryback went on. "I think he's a better heel than a babyface. I think with the real-life stuff that has happened, I think there is still money to be made with him. But again, older, been out of the game for a bit - that schedule. But if that schedule is something where you just book him for live events and pay-per-views, that is more manageable. And to just put somebody there with him to give him some more credibility from an on-air standpoint, I think that is money. We'll see. I mean, an agent role? You're back literally on the road full-time doing that. You are living the life of a wrestler but not wrestling. It's a little more laid back because you're not straining yourself from performing every night, but living out on the road, that is something I don't think he'd want to do at this stage of his life."

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Peter Bahi contributed to this article.