CM Punk was not on this week's WWE Backstage for the second week in a row, but it was confirmed Punk will join the show next week.

Tonight's show featured Seth Rollins, the two had been going back and forth after Rollins initially tweeted out a challenge for Punk to fight him.

While in-studio, Rollins commented on Punk not appearing with him.

"I'm here, he's not here and I'm not shocked about that," Rollins said. "I think I've exhausted all of my energy on the subject. I just don't think it's going anywhere, I'm not shocked that he's not here, so I think it's time to maybe move on to something that matters. I wish he was here. I wish we could have a face-to-face, but it's not in the cards."

Since the news was announced, Punk wrote on Twitter, "[wave emoji] no cornballs allowed."

WWE Backstage airs on FS1 at 11 pm ET each Tuesday night.