On The Fourth of July in 2017, The New Day engaged in a rap battle with The Usos during the teams' feud. Rapper Wale was in the ring during the battle as was Mega Ran who is a rapper and was in the corner of The New Day.

Mega Ran talked about how he and Xavier Woods became friends when he spoke to Wrestling Inc. on our WINCLY podcast.

"Oh, we go way back. He contacted me because he wanted to use some of my music as an entrance theme while he was in FCW. He sent me some paperwork over to sign and it had WWE on the top of it," stated Mega Ran who added that he wasn't expecting that as he didn't know WWE had bought FCW. Woods also told him about the idea of he, Big E and Kofi someday becoming a tag team in WWE.

"He had the whole thing laid out so far ahead of time. So, to see it play out on TV was amazing. I was like, 'Well, doggone you said it.' And there is The New Day.

"He was a visionary from the beginning. He's always had awesome ideas and the determination to see it through which is the real hallmark of a winner, not only the ideas but the tenacity to hold onto tight to those ideas."

Woods tore his Achilles' tendon last month and will be out for six months to a year. Mega Ran talked about how Woods is doing while out of action.

"He seems to be good. This is probably the most time he's spent at home since he started wrestling," revealed Mega Ran. "So, this is definitely a new thing. But his spirits are high and he's playing a lot of video games. He's still able to go to conventions and record videos. He's staying active.

"I think he'll get back sooner than anyone expects. I will say that his spirits are super-high. I'm sure he wishes he could be out there with his bros, but I'm sure he's also enjoying a little time away."

Woods and Mega Ran also worked together on The Sunset Flip which is a track on Mega Ran's latest album and he talked about Woods' rapping skills.

"He told me years ago that he'd written a secret remix to one of my songs, Player 2," said Mega Ran. "He's like, 'I actually wrote a verse to this' and I'm like, 'Get outta here.'

"He goes, 'It probably sucks but I wrote it.' He let me here it and it wasn't bad. That's when the seeds were planted for me to think he could do this. It's literally the same thing. Rapping is cutting a promo over a beat and knowing the cadence and rhythm. So, laying this song out for him was much easier than I thought. He knows how to give the right emotion at the right time and he knocked it out the park."

Mega Ran said he hopes they collaborate more and brought up a New Day tribute song that he's done that Woods rapped a bit for.

There have been a couple of rapper gimmicks in pro wrestling with John Cena and R-Truth coming to mind. Mega Ran was asked which of those two is the better rapper.

"Cena, by far. If you can show me some R-Truth bars, I would love to hear it. His stuff is party stuff and there is an art to getting the crowd involved. That's something I respect as an emcee you've gotta get the crowd hyped. But you've gotta have some bars and some substance. You can't eat your cake for dinner. You eat the cake after the meat and potatoes," said Mega Ran.

"I feel like Cena is more meat and potatoes. His whole album is not bad. I don't know if you've heard it, but it's not bad."

Mega Ran then talked about his WWE debut when he was in the ring during The New Day-Usos rap battle.

"I was blessed enough to be in the ring for that. Xavier hooked me up big time and said, 'Stand by me. I'm gonna shout you out on camera.' And he did and goes, 'Mega Ran, hold my trombone.' That was like the greatest moment of my life," revealed Mega Ran.

He then noted how before the show Cena popped into their rehearsal room and Mega Ran was trying not to mark out. He then asked Cena if he was running in on the rap battle and he said, "No, no, no... rap is a young man's game. I'm too old for that."

"I got so excited at WrestleMania to hear Thuganomics come back. That stuff was great! Come on. People look at John Cena with the opposite of rose-colored glasses as when this guy was heel, those rap promos were amazing. I don't think R-Truth could pull that off. Just saying," stated Mega Ran.

Mega Ran's new album "AGES, Vol 1" is now available and features his new song "The Sunset Flip" featuring WWE Superstar Xavier Woods. For more information or to download the album please visit megaranmusic.com.

Mega Ran's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of a recent episode of our WINCLY podcast. It can be heard via the embedded audio player at the bottom of this post. In the full interview Mega Ran discusses his new track The Sunset Flip featuring Xavier Woods, how he befriended Woods, collaborating with Woods, writing an alternative theme song for Kofi Kingston, if someone in New Day should turn heel, working with ROH at Madison Square Garden and more

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