Corey Graves made some interesting comments regarding last week's RAW. Graves made his thoughts on last week's show, calling it "an insufferable television show."

On his recent episode of his After The Bell podcast, Graves changed his tune about this week's RAW. A lot of his criticisms, he says, were fixed, and he thought RAW was a great show this week.

"I thought RAW was awesome this week, and this isn't me trying to make amends," Graves said. "I sat, just like I did last week, from 8 p.m. ET, and I enjoyed just about everything on the show. The whole show felt big. It advanced storylines. The matches were pay per view level."

Rey Mysterio and Andrade continued their long feud with a ladder match that received a lot of praise. Graves added on to that praise talking about how he could watch Mysterio and Andrade wrestle "forever."

"I complain all the time about rematches. This is one I will never ever tire of because Rey Mysterio and Andrade together are magic. You add in the elements of a ladder match, and these two tore the house down. I never get tired of watching these two because they have signature maneuvers. They have the things that you love to see," Graves said. "The two of them are so creative, and the environment of a ladder match, with two amazing athletes, such as Rey Mysterio and Andrade, you can expect fireworks. That is exactly what RAW delivered this week.

"Hopefully it's not the end of Rey and Andrade because I want to watch that match forever in every type of match: ladder match, cage match, Judy Bagwell on a pole match, you name it. I think Rey and Andrade can make it work."

Two other wrestlers that Graves had high praise for were Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre. Graves had McIntyre on his podcast last week where he said he was a big fan of McIntyre's. He talked about wanting to see an Orton vs. McIntyre match at WrestleMania.

"Randy Orton one on one with Drew McIntyre, this has pay per view main event written all over it, and here it was just in the middle of RAW. Two of my personal favorites.

"Two of the best in the business, and the match was awesome. It got a 'no decision' finish with all the shenanigans that followed but give me more of that, hopefully at a pay per view," Graves said. "I would be fine with that at WrestleMania just those two guys were making great things happen."

Graves also wanted to put into context the amazing things that Orton and McIntyre were doing by talking about the size of the wrestlers. He said that he would be happy to watch them wrestle again with a more big match feel behind it.

"We lose sight of how gigantic both Drew McIntyre and Randy Orton truly are. Randy, in particular, came up in an era where a lot of the guys were a lot bigger, but these are two big dudes so to see them move like they do, I don't think people can truly appreciate what they're doing in the ring until you stood beside them or see them in person: two big, incredible athletes," Graves said. "Randy Orton, perhaps the best in-ring performer in the business. I stand by that. It's the little things, and Drew is just money waiting to be made. Put the two of them together, put some bright lights and pay per view promotion behind it and I will happily watch it."

While Graves still feels that The Street Profits are "stuck in the middle of no man's land," he still gave praise to them for their segment this week. He talked about how it is OK for RAW and Smackdown to take shots at each other because it is fun.

"The Street Profits, they still seem to be stuck in the middle of no man's land, but we got the Monday After the Weekend Update, and it made me laugh. I'll tell you why. The one spot, in particular was the bit about reboots and how everything is new and original. They showed Miz and Morrison from Smackdown, and it made me laugh because we can make fun of ourselves. Not everything needs to be super serious. Not everything has to be a heated rivalry. I like those. There are definitely places for those, but we fun of the other show. We made fun of Smackdown, and nobody died because it was funny. It was entertainment at the end of the day, and The Street Profits delivered so hats off to them."

Graves also discussed his thoughts on Seth Rollins and Buddy Murphy and interviewed Dolph Ziggler and R-Truth. You can listen to the full podcast by clicking here. If you use any quotes in this article, please credit WWE's After The Bell with a h/t to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.