- As noted, tonight's WWE Worlds Collide show saw WWE NXT UK Superstar Jordan Devlin win the NXT Cruiserweight Title by defeating former champion Angel Garza, Isaiah "Swerve" Scott, and Travis Banks in a Fatal 4 Way. The title change came on the same night that Triple H and NXT General Manager William Regal presented Garza with the newly-redesigned title belt.

Above is post-show video of Devlin talking to Jon Quasto about the win, and below is footage of Devlin receiving his new custom title plates.

"I'll tell you where you can start, how about that? How about you start off by congratulating me," Devlin said. "Actually, better than that, why don't you try to get [NXT UK GM] Johnny Saint on the phone to congratulate him? Congratulate NXT UK on signing The Irish Ace when they did. I've said all along that you can build a brand around me and I proved that tonight. What's gonna happen for me next? I'm gonna take a title primarily defended on U.S. soil, back to Ireland. I'm going to defend against the best pro wrestlers on this planet, and I'm gonna prove once again that there's a reason that you never bet against The Ace."

Devlin was then asked what his first act of business will be as the new champion, and he said he will be chucking Garza's title plates into the Irish Sea. Below is video of the new champion receiving his plates.

- Triple H noted during his post-Worlds Collide social media interview that NXT General Manager William Regal will announce the "Takeover: Portland" opponent for NXT Champion Adam Cole during Wednesday's NXT episode on the USA Network.

There's no word yet on who Cole will defend against, but Triple H said the announcement will be "epic." It's been rumored that Cole will defend against Tommaso Ciampa at Takeover on February 16 in Portland.

- Speaking of William Regal, he took to Twitter after Worlds Collide and gave thanks, on behalf of himself and NXT UK General Manager Johnny Saint.

"Thank you very much from myself and @NXTUK GM @JohnnySaintWWE to all the wonderful fans and world class competitors who gave every ounce of their fighting spirit to make #WorldsCollide an incredible show. #WeAreNXT," Regal wrote.

You can see Regal's full tweet below: