In terms of transitioning from one sport to another, Kurt Angle is one of the most successful in that regard as he went from being an Olympic medal-winning amateur wrestler to a Hall of Fame professional wrestler.

Another athlete who made a transition into the ring is lineal heavyweight champion Tyson Fury who competed at Crown Jewel. Angle talked about Fury's debut wrestling match in an interview with Seconds Out.

"I think Tyson did a really good job. I would say he nailed a '10'; he got through the match. He wasn't a professional wrestler by any means but he adapted well," said Angle. "I don't think he expected more than he gave and I don't think the company expected more than he gave."

Angle had his retirement match at WrestleMania 35 when he lost to Baron Corbin. Many pro wrestlers have "retired" only to step into the ring again and Angle weighed in on if he's truly retired.

"I'm done, I've had my share of wrestling. It was a lack of being active. I came to WWE, I was inducted into the Hall of Fame, I was General Manager for a couple of years and then I was gonna wrestle, but that inactivity caused me to start getting arthritic," revealed Angle. "My knees, my neck, my back, if you're not taking bumps every night, your body kinda shuts down. I retired a little bit earlier than I wanted to but I was okay with it."

Even though he's done with in-ring competition, Angle isn't completely done with the pro wrestling industry. He talked about his current backstage role with WWE.

"I produce a lot of the matches. I help the wrestlers structure their matches so that's my job now. I don't really expect to go back on camera but if I'm needed there I'm fine doing it," stated Angle. "I'm okay with where I am right now. I had Pat Patterson and Johnny Laurinaitis producing for me, they did a great job and I just try to do what they did for me."

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