Lance Archer was a part of New Japan's Wrestle Kingdom 14 earlier this month as were Jon Moxley and Chris Jericho. But despite the presence of those two, Archer doesn't think the AEW stars are what made the event attract over 70,000 fans in its two nights.

He talked more New Japan as a whole drawing the fans instead of just two individuals when Archer spoke to The Roman Show.

"I don't think you should look as it's important to have them," he said. "It is important to have all of the talent that are a part of our shows. New Japan is doing the best business its ever done. There was a time where a bunch of guys left the company and people were like 'oh these guys are leaving.' But the way New Japan runs their business and what's going on, people don't see it because it is in Japan but the hardcore fans, they see the shows. The American fans that are coming out to see the shows this weekend is a different experience and what New Japan is is different.

"Their business is very strong but to have a Jericho and Moxley at the shows is a cool thing, but it doesn't make or break the show. I think that's a misconception of what New Japan does with what they are doing in Japan. They add to the show. This show, the crowd that we drew I think were coming regardless if those two gentlemen where there or not. That's not knocking them, I am just saying New Japan is doing a good show at producing."

Archer is now three years into his second stint with New Japan and is reportedly in "high level talks" with AEW. He revealed what talent he'd like to work with.

"Luchasaurus, Cody Rhodes - we used to share a similar name as he is the American Nightmare and I was the American Psycho," Archer said. "The story we can tell would be cool. I've been lucky to work with pretty much everyone in New Japan. I've worked with Naito, but now that he is a double champion I'd like to step in with him in a championship match."

Archer spent about a year-and-a-half in WWE where he was known as "Vance Archer." He discussed his time there and how NXT has transitioned into a third brand since he departed.

"It's good for the business," Archer said of the transition. "It is good for NXT. When I was there with the company, they first stopped the ECW product and started NXT. The idea behind it was the reality competition thing was cool, but it didn't translate to the wrestling fans. When they started doing their own show or their own project, I think it's where it should have been. It had its own cult following. I think it was a natural transition from where it was to were it was going to be."