WWE Hall of Famer, Sean 'X-PAC' Waltman, took to his X-Pac 1, 2, 360 podcast to discuss the recent re-signing of Ring Of Honor star, Marty Scurll. Waltman believes that this is a huge move in the world of pro wrestling because regardless of where Scurll would have ended up, it would have brought about a positive change.

"Marty is a smart guy, I am sure he weighed his options very carefully," Waltman said. "And it was an incredibly important decision to make at this time in wrestling because if he goes to AEW and he's on that stage, he could make a difference wherever he goes.

"He chose to stay there… [ROH] has some good talent there. Marty's there, I am a fan of Brody King, and some other guys there."

Despite enjoying Marty's work overall, Waltman says that ROH has been putting on some lackluster matches as of late. He hopes that Scurll will spawn some change amongst the locker room so that ROH will bring back some "flavor" to it's broadcast.

"But I turn the [ROH] TV on, I watch their TV show and I am like, 'What's going on here?' [There are] lackluster matches. I am not trying to s--t on their product because I root for them but when I watched ROH recently, I didn't feel that feeling that I usually feel," Waltman explained. "It didn't have that vibe, that flavor. When you used to think of ROH, that was the 5-star match factory.

"I hope it changes because I root for them. And thank God for that company because half the main roster in WWE that's making that money now came from there. So I am hoping they listen to Marty because Marty's got fresh eyes, fresh thoughts."