WWE RAW Tag Team Champions Seth Rollins recently spoke with The Houston Chronicle and revealed that he has been wearing a single black glove because he recently broke a finger.

"It's a happy accident," Rollins said when asked about the glove, and if his hand is hurt or it's just a part of his look. "I will say that I broke my finger about six weeks ago and I have to wear a splint when I wrestle, and so I have to wear a glove over the top of the splint to keep it from moving when I'm wrestling. Obviously, I could have taken six weeks off and not wrestled at all, but that's not really what I do.

"So, the alternative was trying to tape it, but tape didn't seem to keep it on very well. So, I just put a glove over top of it to keep it down. And, and I like, and it's weird and so it is one of the things that people they say, 'Why is he wearing one glove?' The fact that you're asking me this question means that it's doing its job. I think we will stick with it and see what the glove becomes over time."

Rollins was also asked about a possible match with WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk, and if the main event of WrestleMania would be the only place big enough for the potential bout. Rollins expressed interest in the match, but said it wouldn't have to happen on The Grandest Stage of Them All because the match is bigger than any one event. Rollins believes the match against Punk would sell out wherever they went with it.

"It would not have to be a WrestleMania and as far as wanting to match? Yes, absolutely with CM Punk," Rollins said. "If he's going to come back and get into the ring, which is not something that he has been seemingly interested in since he returned he seems to be very comfortable sitting behind the desk and talking about wrestling, being a fan again and then by all means, he should go ahead and do that.

"But if he wants to get back into the ring and show that he's more than just a critic, and that he can actually back up what he is saying then I would love to be the guy to get in there and have the match and I think WrestleMania would be the proper stage for it, but I don't think it has to happen at WrestleMania. I think that match is bigger than any one event and so if he were ever to come back, we could do it anytime, anyplace and it would sell out wherever."