WWE SmackDown Superstar Sheamus has officially launched his new "Brave Change Gymnasium" apparel brand.

The line of caps, tank tops, t-shirts, and shorts is now online at BostonScally.com. You can click here to access the collection, which currently includes 8 items.

As seen above, Sheamus' Celtic Warrior Workouts YouTube channel has released a new promo for the brand.

Sheamus, who will wrestle Shorty G at Sunday's WWE Royal Rumble pay-per-view, wrote the following in the YouTube video description:

"WWE Superstar Sheamus aka The Celtic Warrior here... Ever since I launched Celtic Warrior Workouts I've wanted to create an accompanying Brave Change apparel line. Why? Well, because fellas like me don't know what the hell to wear in the gym. Just look at my old videos, a total mess. Lads, we just grab whatever's handy in the wardrobe and toss it into the training bag and hope for the best, right? The ladies have us beat hands-down. And that's where Boston Scally came in, I've been wearing their awesome gear for years, as it really suits my vibe no matter what the occasion. So I approached them to create a full Workout Wardrobe consisting of gym flatcaps, tees, tanks, and shorts. And not just for me, for everyone out there who finds it really bloody hard to know what to wear when working out. Not looking good and feeling uncomfortable can be a confidence destroyer, especially in the gym. I know this from experience... But I also wanted gear I could wear beyond the gym and still look sharp. The brief was "Barbell To Bar Clothing" because there's life beyond the gym and there's no better look than a simple flatcap and a old skool t-shirt when we go out socializing after a great workout. And trust me, I've worn these Brave Change caps and tees doing press on red carpets and on TV. This vibe looks and feels great no matter where ya are... And that's how the Brave Change Gymnasium apparel line was created, we combined quality sportswear with an authentic old skool gym vibe from where I grew up and first worked-out in North Dublin. But enough of the chat, check out this video and then please click the link to get this merch which will help keep us all on the path to... Brave Change."

Sheamus also tweeted on the new brand and wrote, "Brave Change Gymnasium is open! Old School gym apparel in association with @bostonscally... get 'em while they're hot: https://bostonscally.com/BraveChange"