WWE Hall of Famers Triple H and Shawn Michaels went back and discussed some of their most memorable moments in their careers in Royal Rumble matches during an interview with BT Sport. The DX members have won four combined Royal Rumble matches and have been involved in numerous Rumble matches and moments over the years.

In 2002, Triple H suffered a quad injury which held him out of action for eight months. Triple H talked about how tough it was to comeback from injury and win the Rumble match as a baby face.

"This was a big one for me, WWE put together videos of me training, and I do remember distinctly watching the first video and thinking 'Holy crap, I suck as a baby face how am I going to do this,'" Triple H said. "When I left ['Stone Cold'] Steve [Austin] and I were heels together and then having this comeback, Steve is now back to being the top baby face and to have that moment where I am going to square off with him as a baby face, and get to this moment moment at the end with Kurt [Angle] was huge for me."

Over the years during the Royal Rumble match, pointing at the WrestleMania sign has become a stable for competitors hoping to punch their ticket to the showcase of the immortals. During the interview, Triple H recalls a moment during the 2008 Royal Rumble where him and John Cena were the last two men in the match and did the famous point at the sign.

"It's funny now, fans say they're going to give the point at the sign like this is a hooky thing that has happened over the years and we tell everybody to point at the sign, we don't tell anybody to point at the sign," Triple H said. "This is what everybody wants to do, you want to have the moment that you watched when you were a fan, man I get that opportunity to point at the sign at WrestleMania, I get that opportunity to be the guy that is going there."

Switching gears, Shawn Michaels described his experience during his last Royal Rumble match in 2010 knowing it would be his last match and his career would end at WrestleMania. This match involved Shawn looking to win and challenge the Undertaker at WrestleMania for the World Championship in a rematch from the year before.

"Coming down to the end I knew where it was going and ending, saying that from a personal standpoint," Micheals said. "I felt I was ready and I was at peace with doing it and excited about doing it. It's one of those things where you get to a point where you step back and look at this painting of what you've created over time and say 'I like that, I'm pretty good with it.'"

"I don't know if you had different emotions of doubt," Triple H responded. "I remember even as you were closing into this, we were talking about it and I remember thinking 'Man, I don't know if I've ever seen anybody as comfortable, confident and okay with I am going to be done doing this. You were very at peace with this is the run and I'm going to walk away and I'm good with that. I think even at this point in your life the wrestling business wasn't everything to you."

In 2016, during the Rumble match the world title was on the line in the match for a change as Roman Reigns had to defend his title coming out as the number one entrant. Triple H returned for this match and described the experience of coming back, winning and the amount of injuries WWE was facing at the time.

"So, this is the 'In Case of Emergency: Break Glass' Royal Rumble," Triple H stated. "I remember Vince [McMahon] coming to me and saying 'What do you think about going into the Rumble and you'll win and we'll put the title on you.' But for me this was one of those ones where I'm in okay shape, I'm not ready to be in this spot fully one-hundred percent, I'm going to get in there with these young guys. This is again one of those ones that tests your confidence in yourself. At this point I'm not wrestling much, a few times a year at best, 'Can I still do this? Can I still do this at this level? Is this the right call? Are they going to dump on it?' All these moments become questions."

Shawn shared his thoughts about the match and the call to put the title on Triple H at the time.

"Everybody talks about the upside of your gig, but the thing is, nobody ever talks about all the really sucky stuff" Micheals said. "They've called me and I can say no. And you gotta come in and then carry stuff, you're not allowed to show the kinks in the armor either."

You can check out Michaels and Triple H's full comments in the video above.

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