Blake Lawler was recently profiled by The Memphis Commercial Appeal. The 18 year old Lawler is the grandson of WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler, and the son of the late Brian Christopher Lawler, who tragically passed away in 2018.

Blake is currently wrestling in high school and is a senior. He told The Commercial Appeal that his inspiration for the sport came from a different family connection - his stepdad and stepbrother who went to Christian Brothers High School for him.

Blake said he doesn't watch pro wrestling and doesn't have a close relationship with his grandfather, The King.

"What inspired me wasn't really my granddad or my dad, who were both in the WWE. Really it was more my stepdad and stepbrother," Blake said. "They both went to Christian Brothers and wrestled here and I wanted to continue that tradition of CBHS wrestling."

While Blake might not be close to his grandfather, he's still a young master at grappling as a member of wrestling royalty. He got into the sport in middle school watching his stepbrother compete, and then joined the CBHS wrestling team as a freshman and has been on the team since. Coach Derek Harrison commented on how great the young Lawler is.

"He kind of downplays his wrestling a bit, but he's a great wrestler. I don't think he realizes how great he can be," Harrison said. "He's beaten two state medalists this season. He would be a hammer on almost any other team in the whole state. He's in a tough boat here with us being one of the best year-in and year-out."

The King also spoke with The Commercial Appeal and said he's been following Blake from afar, and is proud of his accomplishments. Jerry said he regrets not having a closer relationship with his grandson.

"It's really cool to see the wrestling thing. What it makes me think of is how proud his dad would have been of him," Jerry said. "We're certainly proud of him as well, but Brian, that would have just made his life to know that Blake was sort of following in the footsteps."

Despite King's comments, Blake doesn't see his journey the same way. He said he's focused on making his own name and blazing his own trail. Blake said everyone thinks he's exactly like The King, but he's not.

"I want to be my own person," Blake said. "Everybody sees my name is Blake Lawler and thinks I'm exactly like Jerry because I wrestle, but that's not why I wrestle. I want to create my own path."

It was noted how Blake also excels in the classroom, and plans to study biomedical engineering. He wants to go to medical school, and was inspired to pursue a career in medical by his mother, who is a nurse, and his stepdad, who is a psychiatrist.

"I don't know what type of doctor yet," he said. "When you go to medical school and go through rounds and see all the different professions, that's how I would know what I want to do. But I just know that I want to be a medical doctor and help people out."