- Above is a clip from WWE After the Bell where Corey Graves talked about WWE RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch and if there's a possibility she's losing crowd support, which we covered earlier this week. You can check out more of Graves' comments here.

- William Regal spoke with Metro about growing up in Blackpool, England, and some of the things that influenced him as a child that he brought along into his wrestling career.

"All the entertainers that I knew who lived or worked here, I used to study them," Regal recalled. "When I wasn't wrestling, I was always at the circus or at a show watching all these people, 'How do they make their stuff work for their audience?' That used to fascinate me as a child. I always tell people this—when you start wrestling, don't forget that part you liked as a child. If you can keep a bit of that in your act, you can keep a bigger audience. I didn't know what a good technical wrestler was when I was little—it was people that made me scream or boo or cheer. Especially with villains that could do that."

- On last night's SmackDown, Roman Reigns and The Usos covered King Corbin in dog food to close out the show. During the segment, Reigns flicked just a little dog food at Corbin, later noting he got that from a scene in the film, Hook.

"Stole that from the movie, Hook. Lost boy imaginary food scene...Kid in me always wanted to do that! Thanks for letting me live that one out, Fetish Boy!"