- As noted, WWE NXT Women's Champion Rhea Ripley confronted Charlotte Flair on last night's RAW, urging The Queen to challenge for her title at WrestleMania 36. Flair was then announced for Wednesday's NXT episode on the USA Network as she will answer the challenge. Above is backstage video of Sarah Schreiber talking to Ripley about how she came to the decision to call Flair out.

"You know, everyone keeps talking about RAW and SmackDown, and who Charlotte is gonna face, but they keep forgetting about NXT," Ripley said. "But down in NXT we're making our own waves and that's exactly what I prepared to do when I confronted Charlotte, was to make waves, and show her exactly that I am here."

The video also caught Ripley's reaction to the Flair - NXT announcement. Ripley said she's surprised to see The Queen step out of her comfort zone.

"To be quite honest, I'm very surprised," Ripley said. "I'm surprised because The Queen is stepping out of her comfort zone, her own little castle that she has here, built for herself. She's stepping out there and coming into my domain, so all I have to say for Charlotte is, see you in NXT."

- The dark main event segment after last night's WWE RAW from the Vivint Arena in Salt Lake City, Utah saw RAW Tag Team Champion Seth Rollins come over to help Ricochet up after Ricochet was laid out by his WWE Super ShowDown opponent, WWE Champion Brock Lesnar. Rollins came over after Lesnar left as officials tended to Ricochet. Rollins offered a handshake and then took the mic, asking fans if they thought he was a liar. Fans chanted "yes!" before Rollins went on praising Ricochet and his upcoming match with Lesnar.

Ricochet finally accepted the handshake from Rollins, but Rollins tried to take him down. Ricochet countered and dropped Rollins to end the segment. Ricochet then made his exit as fans cheered him on while his music played. Rollins eventually sulked to the back to sell the attack. Thanks to our own Ibby for the notes from last night's RAW.

- Last night's RAW also saw WWE 24/7 Champion Mojo Rawley lose a quick match to Drew McIntyre. Mojo's title was not on the line, and he was not helped by his "offensive lineman" at ringside, Riddick Moss. Mojo took to Twitter after RAW to defend the loss.

He wrote, "At the end of the day, this @WWE 24/7 Championship is still coming home with it's rightful owner. Still not running, still not hiding, still accepting all challenges, still the champ. #RAW #AndStill"

Mojo returned to Twitter this afternoon to tout his reign as champion. These comments come after Mojo's recent comments on how he plans to change the landscape of the 24/7 Title, and bring credibility to the title.

"Unphased and undeterred by the haters & cowards. Regardless, I am still a fighting champion. In 2 weeks I've had more matches on #Raw than any previous 24/7 champion, I think that says enough right there. @WWE," Mojo tweeted today.

You can see Mojo's full tweets below: