John Cena will be making his return to WWE on the February 28 episode of Smackdown in Boston, Massachusetts. Cena has previously teased a WrestleMania appearance, and a recent report has said that Cena is slated to wrestle at WrestleMania 36. Ryback and Wrestling Inc.'s Raj Giri talked about who Cena should take on his Conversations With The Big Guy podcast.

"Obviously to have him involved at WrestleMania, that's the event to have him at. Everything's going great with him acting wise. I'm of the opinion too, and I've had my personal differences with him, but from a wrestling standpoint, a character standpoint, obviously he's an attraction and he's John Cena and he's been used well over the years. I think what we saw with The Undertaker thing, that would've been better off not happening. [That] didn't really help him. He just wanted to be part of the show. I get it. You also don't want to ruin your value too much," Ryback said. "Again though, if he doesn't plan on wrestling much longer, then ideally I'd like to see him put over a NXT talent at WrestleMania. You gotta be careful though. If John wants to stick around and be a part of this for five or six more years, you want to save him for some big match-ups. Then maybe you bring somebody up that maybe you're on the fence about and you want to see if they can hang. John goes over but let them go out there and have a solid match and get a little experience maybe. I don't know. That's just me saying it from the outside looking in."

Ryback also brought up opponents Cena could face on WWE's main roster. He took the time to praise wrestlers like Curtis Axel, Heath Slate and Bo Dallas.

"From the talent that are there. I would love for a guy like Cesaro to have a nice spot on WrestleMania for once and do something with him. There's a handful of guys you could throw in there over developmental. Perfect scenario, taking about Curtis Axel, it's be great for John Cena to be in the ring and you let Curtis Axel be Joe Hennig. They're prevented him from being that and let him go out there and use it to build a talent you have. There's so many different ways you can do that to make a very interesting angle with what you got there already. It all depends because John's in a position, I'm sure, where he's gonna have some say in what he's going to be involved in since he's probably the one that said, 'hey I'm coming back for this. I've got a little break for a month, a few weeks." Or a tag match even. Get some guys in a high profile tag match with John," Ryback said. "Then John doesn't necessarily have to take the pinfall if he doesn't want to. They have some options with that. I would like to see some guys though that have been there for a long time: the Heath Slater's, the Joe Hennig's, the Bo Dallas' to get put in a decent spot for once and get a good payday. Those kind of guys, the reason the guys are elevated are elevated because of guys like that."

Giri brought up the fact that The Rock has not wrestled a real match since getting injured in his bou against Cena in 2013. The Rock was set to film Hercules at the time, but the injury cost time and money to the studio. Ryback talked about how that incident may influence how Cena's WrestleMania plans play out.

"That's the other thing too looking at it from that standpoint. John's a smart man. That momentum of being in the films being an extra and cameo appearance to now getting to where the films are now revolving around you, John's not going to sacrifice that," Ryback said. "It'll be interesting. Maybe this is his last one then on that end."

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