The Main Event opening video kicks off the show after the usual WWE signature. No Way Jose and Eric Young make their entrances as Byron Saxton and Mickie James check in on commentary.

No Way Jose vs. Eric Young

They lock up. Young locks in a headlock on Jose. Jose dances his way out of the headlock before locking in a headlock of his own on Young. Young sends Jose to the ropes. Jose hits a shoulder-block on Young. Jose eventually strikes Young in the midsection several times. Young pushes Jose. Jose hits a pair of clotheslines on Young. Jose hits a hip toss on Young.

Jose splashes Young in the corner. Jose sends Young to the opposite corner. Young goes out to the apron before ascending the turnbuckles. Young comes off the top rope, Jose gets out of the way as Young lands on his feet. Jose hits his Pop-Up Punch finisher on Young. Jose pins Young for the three count.

Winner: No Way Jose

A recap from SmackDown is shown featuring Goldberg announcing Universal Champion Bray Wyatt is next.

A recap from RAW is shown featuring Becky Lynch retaining the RAW Women's Championship against WWE Women's Tag Team Champion Asuka before being bit in the neck by Shayna Baszler

A recap from RAW is shown featuring RAW Women's Champion Becky Lynch's in-ring promo.

Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson of The O.C. Make their entrance. Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins make their entrance. This is a rematch from last week.

Zack Ryder & Curt Hawkins vs. The O.C. (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows

Gallows and Ryder lock up. Gallows slams Ryder to the mat. Ryder kicks in a headlock on Gallows. Gallows sends Ryder to the ropes. Gallows hits a shoulder block on Ryder. Gallows sends Ryder to the ropes again. Ryder ducks a clothesline attempt by Gallows. Ryder hits a face-buster on Gallows. Later in the match, Ryder clotheslines Gallows. Ryder pushes Gallows off the apron. Anderson runs towards Ryder in the corner, Ryder gets his knees up. Ryder hits a missile dropkick from off the second turnbuckle. Ryder connects with a forearm to Anderson.

Ryder hits the Broski Boot in the corner on Anderson. Gallows breaks a pinfall attempt by Ryder on Anderson. Gallows kicks Hawkins in the face. Ryder connects with a boot to Gallows. Anderson rolls Ryder up for a two count. Anderson launches Ryder into a Rough Ryder on his own partner, Hawkins. Anderson hits a spine-buster on Ryder. Anderson tags Gallows in. Anderson & Gallows hit their Magic Killer finisher on Ryder. Gallows pins Ryder for the win.

Winners: The O.C. (Karl Anderson & Luke Gallows)

A recap from RAW is shown to close the show featuring The A.O.P. (Akam & Rezar) & RAW Tag Team Champions Murphy & Seth Rollins defeating Samoa Joe, Kevin Owens & The Viking Raiders (Erik & Ivar).