As seen in the video above, Sheamus appeared on WWE's The Bump earlier today and said he wants his old theme song back.

The Celtic Warrior has been using his "Hellfire" theme song, done by CFO$, since mid-2015. He revealed that he wanted to bring back the "Written In My Face" theme, performed by Sean Jenness and Jim Johnston, for his recent return to the ring. Sheamus used that theme from 2009 to mid-2015, and it was popular with fans over how the lyrics could be misheard. He joked about the lyrics, specifically the "lobster head" and the "too many limes" lines.

"I actually wanted to have my original music back," Sheamus revealed. "I pushed for that. I pushed for it and I was denied. I wanted it. 'It's a shameful thing, lobster head...' Or whatever it is. People make up their own. Too many limes... too many limes?"

Kayla Braxton placed a set of headphones over Sheamus' head so the crew could listen to the theme. "Just depress me more because I can't use it," Sheamus joked.

"I love it, everybody loves this music," Sheamus said as everyone listened and cheered.

Sheamus also revealed that WWE's "powers that be" denied the request because they felt like the theme is outdated.

"I brought this to the powers that be and they basically said they don't remember it," Sheamus said. "I was told they don't remember this song. They said it was outdated.

"So, if everybody watching here wants to hear this music back - get online, petition the powers, tell the powers that be, tell the WWE, because the WWE Universe has the voice. You tell them that you want 'too many limes' back when Sheamus walks to that ring."

You can hear both theme songs below: