As seen above, WWE RAW Superstar Lana took to her personal YouTube channel today to give a sneak peek at the upcoming movie with Bruce Willis that she has been filming.

Lana wrote the following in the YouTube video description, calling the movie with Willis a dream come true: "THIS IS A DREAM COME TRUE! I'm playing the BADDEST ASSASSIN in the galaxy. Can't wait to share more of this adventure with you!!!"

We noted before, via Deadline, that Lana and Willis are starring in the sci-fi action movie called Cosmic Sin.

The movie follows a group of warriors and scientists who must fight to protect and save their race when a hostile alien species, who has the power to infect and take over human hosts, sets its sights on a futuristic human society. Lana will star as a character named Sol, which was originally written for a male actor. Lana's character was described as "the best sniper in the galaxy and lead assassin fighting for the human race against an alien invasion."

Lana has been commenting some on social media about the new film role, which comes after she recently expressed interest in furthering her career in Hollywood.

One fan commented that seeing Lana and Bobby Lashley on WWE TV is one of the worst things ever.

Lana responded and wrote, "Well then your dream must have come true the last two weeks !!! Now You can watch me on the big screen because I'm going to be a movie star with Bruce Willis .... and I don't care if you don't go see the movie or turn the channel when I'm on your tv...."

The former Ravishing Russian also addressed the "We Want Lana!" chants from the crowd at Monday's RAW from the Capital One Arena in Washington, DC. Fans chanted for Lana as Lashley squashed Zack Ryder on Monday's show.

She wrote, "The entire time in MY Bobby's match @WWEUniverse chanted #WeWantLana In Liv's match not even a simple Liv chant. Puts things in perspective on how much Liv used me to ride my coat tail & for my fame. Clearly NO ONE CARES about her if NO ONE IS REACTING WITHOUT ME THERE ! #RAW"

She continued in another tweet, "My favorite are the idiots on twitter saying Washington DC has a bad crowd because they are chanting #WEWANTLANA ! I'm the best & I'm number 1 at everything I do! Oh by the way in Liv Morgan's match with her ex squad last wk they chanted We Want Lana as well!I'm the GOAT #RAW"

And another, "Hahahahahahahahahah #WEWANTLANA chats !! Of course the @WWE Universe wants Lana ! Of course the @WWEUniverse wants ME ! L.A.N.A !!!!! Lana ! Lana ! Lana ! Lana DAYYYY !!!!!!"

As we've noted, the new movie filming in the Atlanta, Georgia area is why Lana has missed RAW for the past few weeks. There's no word yet on when she will be back, but we'll keep you updated on her status and on more movie details.

Lana is being represented by Fullscreen, a social content company that launched in 2011 and deals with talent management, among other services for performers and brands.

You can see Lana's related tweets below, including the bragging about landing a role with the Die Hard star: