SmackDown was performed in front of no audience for the first time ever last night. Since that happened, Sami Zayn tweeted a question for his fellow performers to share memories of poorly attended shows.

His full question, "Last night's historic episode of @WWE Smackdown, performed in front of no audience for the first time ever, got me thinking about the many times in my career I performed with low turnouts. Fellow performers & fans alike - what fun memories do you have of poorly attended shows?"

Seth Rollins answered, "A Country Boy Can Survive. IWA-MS circa 2015-2016. Jamie Noble did in an hour plus in front of 12 people so Ian could sell some DVDs."

NXT General Manager William Regal tweeted, "A holiday camp in Filey, UK'86, the first week of the season. Not a single holiday maker on the camp. Paid show so the show goes on. Promoter Bobby Barron got a cleaner and 2 bar staff to watch me and @RobbyBrookside do 6x5 min rounds. The others wouldn't wrestle."

Bully Ray replied, "1993 Polish - American Club Piscataway, NJ. Worked in front of 7 people. Did the job. Made $10 bucks. Good time."

Alexander Wolfe's story involved a hurricane in Japan. His full tweet was, "BJW Show somewhere in North Japan during a hurricane warning
in front of about 20 people."

Below you can read their stories and others: