Tag Team Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles - The Miz and John Morrison (c) vs. The New Day vs. The Usos vs. Heavy Machinery vs. Lucha House Party vs. Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode

Ziggler and Roode will enter the match last. Heavy Machinery out to a nice pop. The New Day and The Usos will start the match. Back and forth action in early that eventually leads to a stalemate on both teams. Clock ticks down and the first team is released.

Lucha House Party enters the match.

Stereo kicks to The Usos, and then springboard attacks on both New Day members. Dorado with a springboard stunner on Jey. Metalik climbs on Dorado's shoulders and then drops down, cover, two. New Day try to regain control of the match, getting everyone else down in the match. Dorado springboards over to the chamber wall and gets his feet tied up in the chains! He basically ended up in a tree of woe position.

Luckily, he doesn't hurt himself, climbs up and over to a pod. Kofi and Metalik end up on the pod with him. Kofi falls down and his fingers get stomped on, sending him crashing to the outside. Dorado with a crossbody and Metalik hits a senton on New Day! Clock is ticking down.

Miz and Morrison enter the match.

The champions go right after New Day at first. Then clear out Jimmy and Jey. Double double moves on Dorado, double kicks, standing moonsault by Morrison. Cover, Metalik is able to break it up. The champs have control of the match. Double stomp / neck breaker combo by Miz and Morrison in an attempt to eliminate The Usos, but no luck. Crowd somewhat quiet as this match progresses.

Metalik heads up to the pod, Morrison follows, Metalik with kicks to the head. Metalik with a hurricanrana from the top of the pod! Cover, Miz breaks it up. Kofi Kingston gets going, taking down The Miz, boom drop lands. Powerbomb / double stomp combo on Miz, cover, Morrison breaks it up.

Heavy Machinery enter the match.

They squash The Usos over and over against the chamber wall. Heavy Machinery collide with Big E in the ring. Big E stunned in the middle of the ring, gets squashed by the big guys. Otis hits the catapiller on Big E. They go for the cover, everyone fights in the ring and Dorado has climbed to the top of the chamber and does a moonsault from the top! "Holy s---" chant from the crowd. Heavy Machinvery is up and hits the compactor on Metalik for the 1-2-3.

Lucha House Party is eliminated.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode enter the match.

Clock ticks down to zero and it's only Ziggler and Roode left. Everyone else is down, Ziggler and Roode yell for the other guys to get up. They hold the doors closed long enough for Miz and Morrison to help out. Both teams then go after Otis and Tucker.

Heavy Machinery fight back. Ziggler tries to get away. Otis gets him for a moment, but Ziggler goes on the pod. Tucker then climbs up the other way and meets Ziggler up there. He slams Ziggler's head against the glass. He tosses Ziggler down to Otis and gets thrown down on the top rope. Tucker then hits a cannonball senton off the pod on the other competitors!

Roode and Ziggler beat up Otis, they try to throw him against the wall, he blocks it and drops both guys. Otis with a full head of steam at Ziggler, Ziggler moves and Otis goes through the pod glass on the outer part of the chamber and tumbles to the floor. Tucker can't believe it, then focuses on Ziggler and Roode. He gets in the ring and throws bombs on each guy. Ziggler goes low, tries the fameasser, no, lands a superkick. Roode with a glorious DDT, Ziggler helps with the pin, 1-2-3. Crowd boos.

Heavy Machinery is eliminated.

As Ziggler and Roode taunt Heavy Machinery, Kofi and Big E hit their finishers on each guy. The Usos each splash down on Roode and Ziggler, cover, 1-2-3.

Dolph Ziggler and Robert Roode are eliminated.

We're down to three teams: New Day, The Usos, and Miz & Morrison. New Day and Usos initially team up on the champion, then for whatever reason attack each other. Everyone in the ring is down now. Kofi climbs the top rope, Jey follows, but gets pancaked down to the mat. Kofi heads up to the pod and leaps off, but nobody is home. Miz and Morrison each jump on Kofi and get the pin!

The New Day are eliminated.

Usos are able to put the champs down. They each go for a splash, Miz gets his knees up, but Morrison takes the hit. Each team gets a pin attempt, but both end up kicking out. Double superkick missed by The Usos, Jey gets dropped, Miz goes right into a figure-four on Jimmy. Morrison with a low dropkick on Jey. Morrison heads to the second rope for starship pain while the figure-four is still locked in. Cover, broken up. Superkicks to both Miz and Morrison, pin attempt, two-count. Morrison and Miz get back up, both stack up Jey in a pinning attempt with Miz's feet on the ropes for the 1-2-3.

Winners: The Miz and John Morrison via pinfall to retain the WWE SmackDown Tag Team Titles

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