At this year's WrestleMania, Seth Rollins faces Kevin Owens as the two have feuded over the past couple months. With the PPV being taped at the WWE Performance Centeróand other closed setsólast week, it's obvious WWE's biggest PPV of the year will have a very different feel compared to previous shows.

Earlier today, Rollins commented about the upcoming event, hoping it provides an escape for fans during these uncertain times.

"Every year since I was a little boy I've woken up on the morning of WrestleMania feeling excited the day had finally arrived. WrestleMania was bigger than Christmas for me.

"Since 2013 that excitement has been couple with surreality as I've been so, so, so fortunate to have played a small role in the lore of the event; hopefully inspiring young children to follow their dreams the way my idols did for me, and giving anyone watch moment to look forward too...and memories to look back on.

"Today is WrestleMania and that feels so strange to say. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic nothing feels normal. We're all trying to figure out what's happening, what's right, what's wrong, and where we go from here. My hope is that this year WrestleMania will not only provide us with all the moments and memories we're used to, but maybe also some distraction and calmness, some normalcy, and some unity.

"I still woke up excited. It still feels surreal. Maybe more than is WrestleMania."

WrestleMania airs tonight and tomorrow at 7 pm ET (Kickoff begins at 6 pm ET).