The Robert Stone Brand is now without a Superstar.

As seen above, Chelsea Green fired Stone during a post-show video with McKenzie Mitchell after this week's WWE NXT episode went off the air. This week's show saw Green team with NXT Women's Champion Charlotte Flair, as Flair's mystery partner, to defeat Io Shirai and Rhea Ripley.

Mitchell asked Green how sweet the win was, but Green passed the microphone to Stone to answer.

"Yeah, over here, McKenzie," Stone said. "Here's the deal. The reality is - did The Robert Stone Brand come through or did The Robert Stone Brand come through? I mean... Charlotte Flair, Chelsea Green, one team. Who could pull that off? The Queen and The Princess teaming together. Only The Robert Stone Brand could do such a thing. Am I right, Chelsea?"

Green said she's as hot as she's ever been coming out of this week's show, and that's why she's done with Stone.

"You're right," Green responded to Stone. "Ever since signing with The Robert Stone brand, it's worked. We've worked. After tonight Chelsea Green is the hottest she's ever been. That's why you're fired."

Green then walked off as Stone joked around about her comments. He quickly realized she wasn't just joking around, and walked off after her, asking if she was just kidding.

Green then confirmed the dismissal in a post-show tweet.

She wrote, "F I R E D. Fired. As in, goodbye! Adios! Sayonara! [fire emoji]"

Stone responded to the same tweet and said he's going to be OK.

"I'm gonna be ok. Everything is going to be ok. It is. It really is," he wrote.

For those who missed it, below is video from Flair and Green vs. Shirai and Ripley, along with the full post-show tweets from Green and Stone: