- Above is the latest episode of the "Rock Paper Scissors Battle" from WWE AL An. This episode features SmackDown Tag Team Champions The New Day going up against WWE AL An host Nathalie Mamo in a classic game of "Rock Paper Scissors."

- WWE stock was up 5.22% today, closing at $45.75 per share after opening at $44.41. Today's high was $45.94 and the low was $44.09.

- WWE Backstage analyst CM Punk took to Twitter this afternoon with his initial thoughts on the "Dark Side of the Ring" season two finale on Owen Hart's tragic death.

"Half way through the Owen Hart episode @DarkSideOfRing. I have to take breaks. Feel like I just want Martha, Oje, and Athena know I admire their strength," Punk tweeted.

The episode on Owen's passing has been a hot topic on social media since it aired last night. You can click here for the ratings report for the show, which drew the best numbers in the history of the ViceTV series.

You can see Punk's tweet below, along with his GIF reply to a fan who said they can't wait to see him cover it on FS1's Backstage show: