At WrestleMania 36, Brock Lesnar was defeated by Royal Rumble winner Drew McIntyre for the WWE Championship in the main event, leaving many to wonder when the next time we'll see Lesnar.

During the 83 weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff talked about Brock Lesnar coming off the loss to McIntyre and if he sees Lesnar coming back to the company in the future.

"If there's anybody that's qualified to say never say never, that would be me," Bischoff said. "I just can't allow myself to think there's a situation where he's never going to come back. I don't think he wants to. Let's start out with the reality of it: he certainly doesn't need to. Then it comes down to want to.

"We're looking at headlines now that Mike Tyson is talking about coming out of retirement, none of these people need to, they want to. They miss the action, they miss the rush, you can't get the high that you get as an athlete or performer. Do I think there will be a point where Brock Lesnar wants to come back? I do, because Brock Lesnar has been an athlete his entire life, been a competitor his entire life. His entire life he's had a goal, a match."

"When you get that bug, that desire to perform, it doesn't go away no matter what your situation is. I wouldn't expect we'll see him back anytime soon because I know it takes a while for that want to begin to grow in your soul, but I think he comes back."

Bischoff also discussed if Lesnar has been worth the investment. Lesnar was the highest paid WWE star in 2019 despite working a part-time schedule. According to Forbes, Lesnar made $10 million last year.

"That's subjective," Bischoff said. "First off, how much money does he make? Does anybody know? We all know he's made a lot but how much is a lot? Is a lot $10 million? Is a lot $100-200 million? What is a lot? Unless you know that number, how do you begin to come up with an objective answer to a subjective question. You can't.

"You have to know how much money WWE has invested in Brock Lesnar over the years, and the other part of that equation if you're being honest and not just being a hater regardless of how you feel about Brock, if you don't know how much money Brock has generated for the WWE. The answer to my question is you can't. Then it really breaks down to have I enjoyed watching Brock Lesnar over the years? I think for the most part the answer is yes. I have always enjoyed the intensity and believability Brock brings to all of his matches.

"Could you see Brock Lesnar in [Money in the Bank 2020]? Could you see Brock at the elevators or in a food fight? I can't. That was slapstick, it was comedy, it was not to be taken seriously and he would've been miscast in that role, but on the other hand, when we've seen more of the serious matches he allows me to believe. He allows me to put my guard down, not feel a little silly for being interested in the product in the first place so for me yeah, I've enjoyed watching Brock and he's added credibility and believability to the product. None of us other than the financial floor in WWE can really answer this question."

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