During the 83 weeks podcast, Eric Bischoff discussed his wife, Loree, appearing in Playboy in 2005. He admitted that he is blessed to be married to a woman who was featured in the magazine.

"Am I lucky? Am I fortunate? Have I been blessed? Of course I have," Bischoff said. "Whether that qualifies me as the luckiest or most interesting man in the world, I don't know, wouldn't go that far but life doesn't suck."

Bischoff noted how Loree had been a model since she was a kid, even being featured on Play-Doh cans.

"She was a model starting at about 4 or 5 years old," Bischoff said. "Her first modeling gig involved her being a little girl with Play-Doh on the cover of Play-Doh cans. From that point on she went on as a child model and throughout her grade school years and in her teens did more and more fashion work. Ended up doing some lingerie for Target and catalog type stores. She's never been bashful about her body or appearing in things that are a little provocative."

Bischoff discussed how the appearance happened. Loree learned about the issue and decided to send her photos in.

"It was when the Housewives shows were hot and Playboy was looking for America's hottest housewives, I don't know how she saw the ad or became aware of it but she saw the ad and said what the hell, I'll send in a couple pictures from her portfolio," Bischoff recalled. "She did it, and I thought it was cool and we were excited about it and proud of it. When the magazine came out, Hugh Hefner had a big party in L.A. and we got to experience that Playboy lifestyle for a minute."

While Loree appeared in the magazine, not many other WCW stars appeared in it other than Kimberly Page. Bischoff was asked if Playboy ever contacted WCW about using some of their female talent for Playboy just like WWE was going at the time.

"I don't really know," Bischoff said. "I wouldn't have been involved with it, that's not something that would have fallen on my plate in WCW. I was aware of it certainly, but I don't think WCW drove that initiative but I'm sure there was some contact."

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