Longtime wrestling commentator Hugo Savinovich is already setting his retirement date in February 2025. He's currently employed by AAA but has worked for many companies in the past including WWE.

Savinovich teased at working with another company when he talked more about his retirement plans during an interview on The Wrestling Inc Daily podcast.

"Soon you will hear of another venture here with a company in the States that's not Spanish. That project will be happening soon and it's gonna be crazy," said Savinovich. "I don't know if I'll go into business with WWE but my intentions are to get a full-time contract and have Konnan and I help the owner with creative."

He then talked about all of his promotional successes such as when he opened up Colombia for pro wrestling fans and Vince McMahon ended up following his lead.

"I wanna ask Vince to let me have Carlos Cabrera do the play-by-play," Savinovich said of his last show. "All the money after paying the talent, everything will be donated to institutions and orphanages. I set that date to give me time to do my projects I have on my own and the ones I have with AAA. It's to let the fans know that the clock is on and that time will be 45 years for me in the business. Everybody will have the opportunity to see me in a lot of different countries and I think it's the right way to do it.

"I started when I was 14 and it's the right time. I'm also a pastor and I have many churches. We're dealing with young kids doing prostitution, drugs and gangs. So, that will be the right time to do more of that. That date will be the last time and there won't be any comebacks. That will be my last wrestling gig.

"Creatively, I want to plan it like a movie. It will cover all my life such as WrestleMania 19 and taking the chair shot from Hulk Hogan. In 1987 I lost my long hair when I had the power to win the match and get a mask. Every time that I've done something, it's always doing the right thing for the business. So, it's not going to be a happy ending for my character. Something will happen or it will be the end of the movie."

He added that there will not be applause and a ride into the sunset. It will be a story with a not-so-happy ending.

"I want to end this in a way that my life and story have always told. The industry is bigger than my ego and business comes first. It's not telegraphing but I want the fans to know that the ending of that show is set and it's not gonna be a happy ending. I will be disappearing but not like a hero," stated Savinovich.

"It will be what wrestling needs. Wrestling needs to be respected and we have to think about business. If it's time for you to say goodbye, then make sure you do it in a way that benefits whoever is on top and whoever is gonna be the main event on your next show."

Hugo Savinovich will be retiring from pro wrestling in February of 2025. To watch Hugo's emotional retirement announcement video please click HERE. Hugo's full interview with Wrestling Inc aired as part of a recent episode of our podcast, The Wrestling Inc. Daily. Subscribe to get the latest episodes as soon as it's released Monday - Friday afternoon by clicking here.