Shayna Baszler has been trending on social media over her comments about Becky Lynch during last night's WWE RAW episode.

Charly Caruso interviewed Baszler backstage about Lynch expecting her first child with fiance Seth Rollins, and relinquishing the RAW Women's Title to Asuka. Baszler is not impressed. She referred to Lynch's unborn child as a "miserable parasite" said the kid will "suck."

"How stupid do you have to be to get knocked up when you're the champion? Here's a fact - 10 out of 10 mothers will try to convince you that pregnancy didn't ruin their careers. You're trying to tell me Becky Lynch becomes the longest reigning RAW Women's Champion and throws that all away just to house some miserable parasite? Imagine The Man - barefoot, fat, on the couch eating Bon-Bons. Yeah, that kid's gonna suck. You know who the father is? I rest my case," Baszler said.

Baszler also took shots at Asuka and the rest of the women's division last night. As seen above, Baszler spoke with a WWE interviewer after her aggressive win over Natalya. Baszler said she didn't actually lose at Money In the Bank the way you might think she did, and promised she will show everyone what a real fight is from now on.

"You think I don't read what people say about me? They think that one setback means my run here is over," Baszler said. "I think I just showed out there that I am far from over. I didn't lose last night [MITB] the way you think I did. I signed up for a ladder match and I lost a food fight. No, I'm here to show everyone what a real fight is, and that's what you're going to see from now on."

Baszler re-tweeted a clip of her post-show interview and added, "Your 'champ' won a FOOD FIGHT. #FalseEmpress"

It will be interesting to see how soon WE does Baszler vs. Asuka for the title, but it seems like that is where they are going.

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