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Intro song. (Hail To The Crown)

Byron Saxton and Corey Graves welcome us to another edition of 205 Live from the WWE Performance Center. Tyler Breeze heads down to the ring for our opening contest of the evening. He'll be taking on Tony Nese.

Tyler Breeze versus Tony Nese

Tie-up. Nese breaks free and poses for the crowd (wrestlers). Second tie-up. Both men struggle for position...Breeze forces Nese into the corner...referee counts forcing a break. Hammerlock and snapmare by Breeze. He transitions into a chinlock, then hits a quick leg-drop for the early advantage. Sunset flip countered by Nese...he nails Breeze with a huge roundhouse kick to take control. He stomps Breeze down before slamming him hard to the mat. Early pinfall...only a one. Nese traps Breeze in his signature body-scissor lock. Breeze manages to move to half-guard and land a few right hands, but Nese slows him down by pulling his neck over the ropes. Nese misses a springboard moonsault...Breeze builds some momentum with a flurry of strikes. Corner lariat.

Breeze comes off the ropes and gets leg-swept by Nese. Nese goes for the moonsault again and hits it for a nearfall. Breeze fires right back with a kick to the midsection...he nearly wins the match with a big ending. Breeze climbs...Nese surprises him with a jumping palm strike...he goes for the running Nese but Breeze slides to the outside and slams Nese' s leg off the ringpost. Back inside Breeze applies the single-leg crab...Nese is in trouble...he makes it to the ropes. Breeze tries a German suplex...Nese lands on his feet and connects with a standing double-stomp. Now Nese climbs to the top...Breeze lures him in with a spinebuster and uranagi. Cover...only two. Nese eventually hits the Running Nese for the victory.

Tony Nese wins by pinfall

Commentary tells us that Danny Burch will be taking on Tehuti Miles in our next bout following the commercial break. Preview for Randy Orton and Edge's showdown at WWE Backlash.

Highlights from Wednesday's NXT on USA are shown, with Drake Maverick picking up a big victory over KUSHIDA and Jake Atlas to move to the final round of the NXT cruiserweight title tournament. He faces El Hijo del Fantasma next week.

Tehuti Miles is out first, followed by Danny Burch.

Tehuti Miles versus Danny Burch

Burch goes for a grapple but Miles shows off his early speed by dodging it. Tie-up and Miles throws Burch into the ropes. This leads to Burch chasing Miles out of the ring. Miles takes his time getting back inside as he tries to get inside of Burch's head. On their second tie-up Miles picks Burch's ankle and walks over him...Burch has had enough...he slaps Miles hard and traps him in an aggressive headlock. Huge right hands to Miles' face, followed by a huge shoulder block. Miles tries a Lou Thez press but Burch counters and slams him into the mat. Burch picks Miles up just to drop him with an uppercut.

Burch lays into Miles with stiff chops. Miles dumps Burch to the outside...as Burch tries to jump back in Miles dropkicks him to take control. Back inside Miles mounts Burch with a ground and pound. He stomps Burch down in the corner and sets him up...neckbreaker. Miles with a headlock now. Fans (wrestlers) trying to get Burch back into the match...Miles slows the comeback with another neckbreaker.

Burch manages to string a few maneuvers together, including a missile dropkick from the second rope. Huge German suplex, followed by a standing lariat by Burch. Miles rolls to ringside to try and recover but Burch goes right after him and tosses him back inside. Miles ducks a lariat and catches Burch in a school-boy pin...got em!

Tehuti Miles wins by pinfall

Burch argues with the referee but his decision has been made. Miles celebrates at the top of the entrance ramp.

That's the show friends.